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November 2013
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Welcome To America, MSC Divina

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November 21, 2013.
By CruiseReviews Editor-in-Chief Dave Beers

I am currently aboard the lovely MSC Divina, which left Miami yesterday for a special 3-night cruise to familiarize the travel press and North American travel agents with the ship and the MSC cruise experience.

Bringing MSC Divina to the United States was planned for quite a while and has now finally been brought to fruition under the leadership of MSC Cruises CEO Rick Sasso.

MSC Divina is a large ship, and really, a quite stunning ship. The use of dark woods and fabrics lends an elegant, calm atmosphere to the vessel. I am very impressed with the ship’s design and layout.

To appeal to the North American market, some changes were made to the routine of MSC Divina. Although we are still hearing announcements in five languages, because many guests are still aboard from the transatlantic repositioning, that is supposed to stop and transition to English-only. All crew are supposed to speak in English. To that end, this morning I heard crew in the buffet restaurant purposely speaking in English and as we docked in Port Canaveral, across from the Disney Dream, one waiter said aloud “welcome to America” to his cohorts.

Thus far, the food and service has been excellent and while some vestiges of the European cruise experience remain (some things take time to wean away from), my initial impression is that MSC has done a fine job of “Americanizing” the Divina yet still retaining their core identity.

More thoughts to follow in my next posting.